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Applicants applying for a position must apply via our online application through Talent Ed Recruit and Hire at:


Paper applications, telephone calls, e-mails, and other forms of communication will no longer be accepted to apply for any position.


Current Opening(s):

Bonanza Jr./Sr. High School Paraprofessional

Bus Driver- Route 18 Henley Complex

Bus Driver- Route 50 Peterson/Henley

Chiloquin Elementary School Paraprofessional- Title VII Indian Education

Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High School Paraprofessional- Title VII Indian Education

Gilchrist School Paraprofessional

Gilchrist Bus Driver Route 9 and Activity Route

Henley Elementary School Paraprofessional Special Education- Resource

Henley High School Paraprofessional

Henley High School/Transitions Sweeper

Henley Middle School Paraprofessional ELD

Keno Elementary School Paraprofessional- Special Education/Resource

Klamath County School District Custodian

Stearns Elementary School Assistant Cook

Stearns Elementary School Paraprofessional- Title I

Stearns Elementary School Paraprofessional- Special Education/Resource (2)


Positions are open until filled unless otherwise noted.

As a required part of the Klamath County School District's preliminary employment process the district requires drug tests for safety-sensitive positions in which the person is responsible for studentsí safety and security. Satisfactory completion of such tests is a prerequisite of employment.      

The District offers a competitive dental and vision benefits package to classified employees who work at least three (3) hours per day and a competitive medical, dental, and vision package to classified employees who work six (6) hours or more per day.

PLEASE refer to the "Job Descriptions" section of our website to get more information on positions.

  • Parapro applicants - Applicants will need transcripts showing they have complete 48 semester hours or 72 quarter hours, or their Praxis Parapro exam results. KCSD does not offer the Praxis Parapro exam on a regular basis to the general public. If you are interested in taking the Praxis Parapro exam, please refer to the ETS website for more information about dedicated testing facilities and alternative testing methods.

    KCSD is interested in Custodial, Bus Driver, and Cafeteria Substitutes.
    If you are a high school graduate and at least 21 years of age and you are interested in becoming a substitute for our custodial, bus driver, or cafeteria positions, please complete a Classified Substitute Application for Cafeteria, Bus Driver, or Custodial.

    Chris Dalla, Food Services Supervisor

    Justin Azevedo, Maintenance Supervisor

    Shawn Snoozy, Transportation Supervisor

    If you have any questions please contact:

    Human Resources Department/Chelsey Tyree
    Klamath County School District

    2845 Greensprings Drive
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601

    (541) 851-8752 or FAX (541) 885-3358


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