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Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  School 
Dr. Douglas   Smith   School Psychologist   541-885-3359 ext 221  Departments/
Special Services
Aaron  Von Tersch  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Adam  Randall   Math   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Adriana  Torres  5th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Adrianne  Morgan  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Aleasha   Tacchini  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Alex  Stork  GED  541-883-6699 ext. 231  Falcon Heights Academy   
Alexis  Smith  Language Arts    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Ali  Minjares  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Allen  Laura  Sweeper    Gilchrist School   
Allie  Tibbits  1st Grade Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Allison   Brosterhous  Secondary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 236  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Allison   Brosterhous  Secondary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 236  Falcon Heights Academy   
Alyssa  Jones  2nd Grade Teacher  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Amanda  Hulsey  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Amber   McDonald  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Amberlee  Solito  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Amy  McGowen  6th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Amy  Yancey  Bookkeeper    Mazama High   
Andrea  Armantrout  Vice Principal  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Andrew  Davis  Learning Facilitator  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Andy  Bracco  Assistant Principal/Curriculum Director  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Angela   Cain  Special Education / Resource Teacher  541-883-5058  Stearns Elementary   
Angela  Lindow  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Angela  Wallin  Vice Principal  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Angie  Hernandez  ELL Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Ann  Hernandez  3rd Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Anna  Aylett  Ag Science/Forestry Teacher    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Anna  Monteil  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Annalise   Milwrick  District Office Specialist II/AP  541-851-8728  Departments/
Business Services
Annette  Englestadter  Speech Pathologist  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Annette  Flecken  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Annette  Quinowski  Kindergarten Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Annette  Williams  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
April  Ganieany  Custodian  5414332295  Gilchrist School   
Arianne  Gray  1st Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Armando  Ojeda  Counselor    Mazama High   
Art  Ochoa  Principal  541-545-6581  Gearhart Elementary   
Art  Ochoa  High School Principal/Counselor 7-9th grade  541-545-6581 ext 226  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Ashley  Durham  2nd Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Ashley  Haney  1st Grade teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Ashley  Higgins  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Ashley  McKay  5th grade teacher  (541)883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Ashley  Quinowski  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Ashley  Spivey  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Ashley  West  ELL Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Baylee  Weaver  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Beau  Fullerton  Physical Education/Health Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Becky  Fentress  Health, Foods Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Becky  Graetsch  Career Pathways Advisor   541-851-8801  Henley High   
Becky  Oman  Secretary  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Benji  Henslee  Buisness  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Bernis  Peterson  4th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Beth   Clark   Principal  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Bethany  Holmes  3rd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Bob  Nieman  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Bobbie Sue  Britton  Health/Leadership Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Bobby   Mick  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Booie   Mauch  Academic Advisor  541-883-6699 ext. 224  Falcon Heights Academy   
Brad  Keffer  Prevention Specialist  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Brad  Messman  Maintenance/Plumber    Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Brad  Smith  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Brandon  Powell  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Brenda   Collins  2nd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Brent  Hakanson  Orchestra Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Brent  Hakanson  Strings- Orchestra  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Brian   Palmer  Physical Education and Health Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Brian  Stock  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Brian  Wachs  Technology Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Brianna   Haro  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Brittany  Carr  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Brittni  Myhre  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Callie  Bissonnette  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Camille  Krieger   Secretary/Special Services  541-851-8760  Departments/
Special Services
Caresse  Robertson  Choir Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Caresse  Robertson  Choir  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Cari   Patzke  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Carla  Thompson  Secretary  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Carlon  McCollough  Concrete/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Carlos  Becerra  Art Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Carly  Fullerton  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Carly  Gordon  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Carolyn   Sheets  Nurse   541-851-8746  Departments/
Health Services
Cassie  Beard  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Cassie  Carlisle  4th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Cassie  Scott  Secretary  541-883-6699 ext. 222  Falcon Heights Academy   
Cassie  Scott  Secretary  541-883-6699 Ext. 222  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Cathy  Nevala  Art Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Cecil  Hard  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Chadwick  Mahanna  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Charity  Schmitt  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Charlene  Himelwright  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Charli  Shockley  5th Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Charoone  Clifford  Secretary  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Chelsey   Tyree  Executive Assistant/Human Resources  541-851-8752  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Chris  Asbridge  Attendant  541-883-5010  Departments/
Chris   Aylett   Ag Mechanics   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Chris   Benjamin   Choir   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Chris   Benjamin  Choir Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Chris  Dalla  Food Services Supervisor  541-591-3372  Departments/
Food Services
Chris  Preston  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Christian  Hernandez  Computer Technician  541-851-8737  Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Christy   Cox  1st Grade Teacher   541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Claudine  Schlecht  2nd grade Elementary Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Clint  Radford  Science Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Connie  Cisneros  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Cori  Swan  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Courtney   Toney  English Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Craig  Conner  Health/Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Cristine   Blaser  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Crystal  Hanseth  Printer  541-851-8756  Departments/
Print Shop
Crystal  Murphy  Special Education/BRIDGES Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Crystle  Gillam  6th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Cynthia  Fee  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Cynthia  Granberg  Language Arts Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Cynthia  Kelly  Secretary  541-545-6581 ext 223  Bonanza Elementary   
Cynthia  Kelly  Athletic/Attendance Secretary  541-545-6581 ext 223  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Damon   Langley   Mathematics  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Dan  Solyst  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Dana  Link  Educational Assistant  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Dane  Baeth  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Danielle   Plourde  1st Grade Teacher   541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Darin  Martins  Custodial Supervisor  541-274-1948  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Darla  Brandon  Social Studies Teacher/Careers & Academic Manager  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Darryl  Haney  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Dave  Myers  Math Teacher    Mazama High   
Deanna  Edwards  KCSD Child Care Center Supervisor    Mazama High   
Deb  Gardner  Secretary/Registrar  541-883-6699 ext. 221  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Debbie   Gardner  Secretary/Registrar  541-883-6699 ext. 221  Falcon Heights Academy   
Debra  Cornelison  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Debra  Hullman  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Dee  Hahn  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Del   Hildebrand  Bus Driver    Gilchrist School   
Delana   Heidrich  Language Arts/Choir    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Delia  Mendez  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Dena  Hadwick  Human Resources Secretary  541-851-8753  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Dena  Morosin  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Denise  Reid  District Accountant  541-851-8727  Departments/
Business Services
Denise  Swingle  Elementary Teacher Mentor  541-851-8764  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Dennis  Zullo  Carpenter/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Devin  Harris  Mathematics Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Dewayne  Howard  HVAC/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Diana  Masters  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Diane  Mathis  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Domingo  Arriola  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Dominique  Kirkpatrick   Agriculture Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Don  Perryman  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Don  Scott  Math  541-883-6699 ext. 226  Falcon Heights Academy   
Donna  Radford  ELL    Bonanza Elementary   
Doug  Matheson  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Dylan  Woodrum  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Eleanor  Trygstad  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Elisa  Huffman  4th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Elizabeth  Pannel  Business and English Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Elizabeth  Watterberg  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Elliot  Wedam  Teacher- Math  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Emily   Chamberland  Social Skills Learning Facilitator  (541)883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Emily  Chamberland  Social Worker  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Emma  Milstead  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Erin  Banks  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Erin  Castaneda  Librarian    Mazama High   
Erin  Flores  ELL Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Erin   Haney   Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Erin  Hanson  Vice Principal    Henley Elementary   
Erin  Northcutt  5th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Erin  Schuhmacher  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Eugenea  Campbell  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Francesca  Grounds  5th Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Freddy  Maldonado  Business (CTE) - Technology - Tech Facilitator    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Georgia  O'Brien  English  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Gerald  Skelton  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Geralyn  Smith  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Gina  Brown  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Gina  McCuiston  English Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Glen  Szymoniak  Superintendent  541-851-8766  Departments/
Glenn  Tillery  Carpenter/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Greg  Murdock  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Greg  Rogers  Computer Education  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Hailey  Sargent  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Heather  Pearson  Secondary Teacher Mentor/Collaboration Grant Coordinator  541-851-8771  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Heather  Pearson  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Heather  Whittle  Science Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Heather  Wright  Elementary Vice Principal  541-545-6581 ext 228  Bonanza Elementary   
Heather   Wright  Vice Principal/Athletic Director/Counselor 10th-12th   541-545-6581 ext 228  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Heidi  Brookshire  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Heidi  DeMatteis  5th Grade  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Heidi  Hug  2nd Grade  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Heidi  Simpsom  6th Grade  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Heidi  Simpson  6th Grade  541-783-2338   
Heidii  Fettinger  7th to 12th Grade Language Arts Teachers  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Helena  DeJong  Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Holly  Sarich  5th Grade Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Ivan  Murphy  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jack  Lee  Principal  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jackie  Emery  4th Grade Elementary School Teacher    Gilchrist School   
Jaime  Zakour  Speech Language Pathologist  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
James  Anding  Elementary PE Teacher, HS PE, and Athletic Director  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
James  Chandler  Key Maker/Electrician/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
James  Lockwood  Health/ PE  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
James  Roemer  STEPS 1 Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jamie  Carlson Lauer  Resource Teacher    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Jamie  Hawkins  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jamie  Ongman  Principal  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jan  Fairfield  6th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Jana  Dunlea  6th Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Janell   Preston  Principal  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Janelle  Emard  Interventionist  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Janese  Danforth  Secretary  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Janica  Nowak  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Jason   Budnick   ROTC  5418835040  Henley High   
Jason  Dornhecker  6th Grade Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Jason  Hardrath  K-6th Grade PE     Bonanza Elementary   
Jason   Matkins   Science Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jeannie  Smith  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jeff  Bullock  Secondary Curriculum  541-851-8738  Departments/
Jeff  Salvati  Social Studies Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Jeff  Sparks  TAG Coordinator  541-883-5058  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Jeff  Sturgeon  Construction/Metals/Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jeffrey  Ray  Computer Technician    Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Jemina  Armstrong  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jennifer   Becker  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Jennifer  DeForrest  Language Arts/Theater Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jennifer  Dunham  Math Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Jennifer  Glasscock  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Jennifer  Haney  Registrar/Counseling Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jennifer  Hawkins  Elementary Curriculum Director  541-851-8739  Departments/
Jennifer  Hayes  Elementary Principal  541-545-6581 ext 225  Bonanza Elementary   
Jennifer   Ojeda  Spanish Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jennifer  Olson  Language Arts/Theater Arts Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Jennifer   Witt  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jenny  Nickell  Kindergarten    Bonanza Elementary   
Jeremy  Throne  Chemstry/Advanced Science  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jerri  Rimel  Special Ed Teacher Elementary & Secondary  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Jerry  Thomas  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jesse  Hamilton  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Jessica  DeLonge  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Jessica  Lockren-Plascencia  3rd Grade  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Jessica  Norris  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jessica   Radmaker Reichardt  School Counselor    Henley High   
Jill   Rawlins  Secretary  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jimmy  Crook  Truck Driver  541-883-5010  Departments/
Joann  Staysa  Secretary  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
JoAnne   Criss   Evaluation Specialist/Coordinator  541-885-3359 ext 224  Departments/
Special Services
Jodi  Beanland  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Jody  Beake  Math Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Joe  Tacchini  Principal  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Joe  Tacchini  Principal  541-883-6699  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Joey  Oswald  Nurse    Departments/
Health Services
Jolene  Sale  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Jon  Johnson  Coordinator ASPIRE Program  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Jordan   Osborn  Vice Principal and Athletic director   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Jose  Barajas-Leon  Paraprofessional    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Joshua   Campbell  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Joy  Lease  Pathways Advisor  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Judith  Neuman  Speech Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Judy  Newmann  Speech Language Pathologist    Gilchrist School   
Jules   Tremeryn   English   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Julie  Dentinger  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Julie  Healy  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Julie  Larman  Principal's Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Julie  Mann  Secretary  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Justin  Azevedo  Maintenance Supervisor  541-891-0011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Justin  Davidson  PE/Health  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Justinian  Creed  Maintenance  541-851-1878  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Kaci  Mitchell  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Karen  Wynne  Athletic Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Karenlynn  Lessard  Spanish Teacher    Gilchrist School   
Kari  Leedom  3rd Grade Classroom Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Karri  Sanders  Secretary  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Karyssa  Gomez  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kassidy  Rubio  Paraprofessional    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Katey  Limb  YTP-Transition Specialist  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Katherine   Garvin   Band Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Katherine  Latasa  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Katherine  Tripp-Carl  Teacher- Social Science's  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Kathi   Hendry  Athletic Secretary  541-851-8810  Henley High   
Kathi  Stotts  Kindergarten Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Kathleen  Todd  German/Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kathryn  Johnson  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kathy  Baker  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Kathy  Eittreim  Assistant Cook    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Katrina  Myers  Language Arts  541-883-6699 ext. 228  Falcon Heights Academy   
Katy  Garvin  Band Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kay  Linman  6th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Kelley  Fritz  Principal  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kelly  Hirschbock  Occupational Therapist  541-883-6656  Departments/
Special Services
Kelly  Patzke  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kelly  Sprunger  Secretary  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Kendall  Simpson  Physical Education Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Kendall  Simpson  Physical Education Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Kendra  Matkins  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kendra  Rodgers  6th grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kenny  Bland  Electrician/HVAC/Maintenance  541-883-5011  Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Kerresa  Verneris  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kerry   Smith  Secondary Coordinator  541-885-3359 ext. 221  Departments/
Special Services
Kevin  Bigby  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Kevin  Lakey  Computer Technician  541-851-8731  Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Kevin  Larsen  Math    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Kevin  Worden  Attendance Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Kim  Hilyard   Occupational Therapist   541-883-6656  Departments/
Special Services
Kiran   Malakar  Technology Coordinator/Network Systems Manager  541-851-8734  Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Kjaersti  Roberts  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Kjerstin  Spark-Stahl  Social Studies Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Korina  Pena  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Kris   Collins   EL Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Kristen  Masten  Secretary  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Kristi  Lebkowsky  Science  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Kristi  Lebkowsky  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Kristi  Sturgeon  Health/Alternative Education Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Kristine  Creed  Principal  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Krystal  Guilin  3rd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Kyle  Petrik  Physical Education/Health Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Laci  Teaters  1st Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Laiken  Coulter  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Lana  Loney  Executive Assistant/Business Services  541-851-8730  Departments/
Business Services
Larita  Ongman  Principal  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Larita  Ongman  Principal  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Larry  Buck  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Larry  Morene  PE/Health/Weight Training    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Laura  Blair   Director of Special Services  541-851-8759  Departments/
Special Services
Laura  Campos  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Laura  Estes  Social Studies/Reading Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Laura  Helms  Kindergarten    Bonanza Elementary   
Laura  Lokey  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Laura  Nickerson  Science Teacher/Webmaster  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Lauren  Wallior  Educational Assistant     Gilchrist School   
Laurie  Brink  Secretary  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Laurie  Edmonds  Elementary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 237  Falcon Heights Academy   
Laurie  Edmonds  Elementary Homeschool Teacher  541-883-6699 ext. 237  Great Basin Homeschool Center   
Laurie  Greif  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Laurie  Ross  Language Arts, CAD, Robotics Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Leann  Meeds  Secretary  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Leon  Carl  Teacher- PE/Health  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Lesli  Jennings  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Leslie  Garrett  Principal  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Linda  Cooper  Language Arts Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Lindsay  Thede   Special Education Transition Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Lindsey  Noble  Elementary Resource Teacher  541-545-6581 ext 232  Bonanza Elementary   
Linnae  Salvati  Foreign Language (Spanish) Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Lisa  Beck  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Lisa  Daly  ELL Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Lisa  Daly  EL Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Lisa  Stringer  Language Arts/Video Production  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Lori   Nealy  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Lorna  Wimmer  Cook    Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Luis  Idrogo  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Luke  Hammond  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Luke   Ovgard  Business Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Mallory  Drake  Math Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Mandy  Hewitt  Science  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Marcia  Schlottmann  Grant Coordinator/Public Relations  541-851-8743  Departments/
Margaret   Hankins  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Margaret  McCadden  Vice Principal  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Maribeth  Schwartz  Bookkeeper/Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Marie  Swartz  Head Cook    Gilchrist School   
Marja  Hill  Social Studies     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Marjon   Pare  Reading Support Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Mark  Ferrara  Science  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Mark  Greif  Director of Human Resources  541-851-8751  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Mark  Nevala  Science Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Mark   Teel Jr.  Lead Computer Technician   541-851-8736  Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Marlena  McPherson  Science Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Marlene  Hart  1st Grade Teacher  541-723-2261  Malin Elementary   
Mary  Coons  Communication  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mary  Coons  Secretary  541 883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mary  Mateos  Title Grants/ELD Coordinator  541-851-8763  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Matt  McCadden   Special Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Matt  Penrod  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Megan  Halousek  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Megan  Parrish  School Information System Specialist  541-851-8742  Departments/
Megan  Walker  4th Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Meghan  Miller  Agriculture/FFA  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Meghan  Stock  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Melanie  Mobley  Gilchrist School Vice Principal  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Melissa  Adkisson  Secretary  541-883-5013  Departments/
Melissa  Nixon  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Melissa  Rowland  Warehouse Supervisor   541-851-8785  Departments/
Michael  Mastro   Printer   541-851-8754  Departments/
Print Shop
Michael  Reinstein  4th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Michelle  Baker  Foreign Language   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Michelle  Cottier  Social Studies     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Michelle  Langley  1st Grade  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Michelle  Pine  LRC  541-883-6699 ext. 242  Falcon Heights Academy   
Michelle  Schmidt  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Michelle  Vance  ECI Specialist / Private School Coordinator  541-883-4748  Departments/
Special Services
Mike  Johnson  Counselor  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Mike   Kappas  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Mike  McKittrick  6th Grade Teahcer  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Mike  Rooney  School Counselor  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Mike  Ross  4th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Mike  Whalen  Mathematics Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Misty   Phelps  District Office Specialist II/Accounts Payable  541-851-8728  Departments/
Business Services
Molly  Hepper  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Monica  Addington  Secretary  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Nancy  Densen  Principal  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Nancy  Drake  District Office Specialist-Payroll  541-851-8748  Departments/
Business Services
Nancy  Fernlund  Secretary   541-545-6581 ext 221  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Nani  Diaz  Teacher- Spanish/ ELL  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Natalie  Rodgers  Attendance  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Ned   Baldwin  Maintenance/Plumber    Departments/
Maintenance Dept.
Nichelle  Cheyne  Nurse  541-591-3158  Departments/
Health Services
Nicole  Chase  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Nicole  Mills   1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Nicole  Pryor  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Nicole  Scheidler  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Nora  Lomax  3rd grade teacher  (541)883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Noreen  Rojas  Secretary  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Norm  Barney  Physical Education Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Oma  Rowley  District Office Specialist II/Accounting Clerk  541-851-8774  Departments/
Business Services
Paige  Byrne  Registrar   541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Paige  Byrne  Registrar   541-545-6581 ext 222  Bonanza Elementary   
Paige  Denson  GOALS  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Parker  Hill  Teacher- English  541-783-2321   
Parker  Hill  Teacher- English  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Pat   Henkel  Assistant Cook    Gilchrist School   
Patricia  Beasly  2nd Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Patricia  Malakar  Science Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Patty  Preston  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Patty  Rajnus  Bookkeeper/Secretary  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Paul  Gardner  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
Peggy  Crisp  Librarian & Educational Assistant  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Pete  Whisler  Classified Tutor  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Phil  Eubanks  Science Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
PJ  Gonyaw  2nd Grade Teacher  541-783-2238  Chiloquin Elementary   
Polo  Flores  Head Custodian    Mazama High   
Quovet   Londborg  Educational Assistant    Gilchrist School   
Rachel   Belenfant  Kindergarten Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Rachel  Murray  Secretary    Departments/
Technology Service/Tech Support
Rachel  Murray  District Office Specialist/Benefits/Technology  541-851-8733  Departments/
Business Services
Rafael  Hernandez  Business  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Ralph   Watah  Home/School Liaison  541-851-8741  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Randy  Barleen  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Randy  Denson  Transitions Teacher  541-885-3361  Departments/
Special Services
Randy  Rose  Principal  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Rebecca  Cerrillo  SPED Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Reiko  Vanover  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Renee  Criss  Vice Principal  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Renée  Ferguson  Director of Business Services  541-851-8730  Departments/
Business Services
Rhonda  Tyler  Speech Language Pathologist  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Richard  Cerri  3rd Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Richard   Otto  Advanced Math     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Rick   Beard  Math Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Rita  Hepper  Principal  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Rob   Crebbin  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Rob  Dunham  Manufacturing/ CTE Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Rob  Izzett  Band Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Rob  Izzett  Band Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Rob  Nieraeth  Chemistry/Science    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Robert  Chambrose  Foreign Language (French) Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Robert  Kayton  Music    Henley Elementary   
Robert   Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Robert  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Robin  De Long  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Rod  Ingram  Head Custodian and Maintenance  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Ron  Best  6th Grade Teacher    Henley Elementary   
Ron   Busby  Teacher- Klamath Language   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Rosanna  Egger  Elem. & Counseling Secretary & Record Keeper  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Rosiland  Larsen  Secretary  541-883-5049  Departments/
Food Services
Ruben  Paschal  Vice Principal  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Ryan  Dean  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Salli  Zavala  Sped Coordinator/Assessment Team Secretary  541-851-8722  Departments/
Special Services
Sally  Reeves  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Samantha  Fields  Advanced Science/Robotics     Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Sandy   Bailey  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Sarah  Bandfield  Language Arts/Yearbook  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sarah  Kayton  Band Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Sarah  Kayton  Band and Choir Teacher  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Sarah  Lockrem  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Sarah  Metzler  Educational Assistant     Gilchrist School   
Sarah  Rietdyk  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Sarah   Rodgers  Teacher- Science  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Sarah  Shively  Principal  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Sarah  Smith  Principal's Secretary  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Sarah  Woodwick  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Scott  Preston  Principal  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Sean  Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sean  Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-885-5040  Henley High   
Sean   Wilcox  EL Teacher  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Sergio  Cisneros  Business Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Seth  Matthews  Math Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Shannon   Carlson   English Language Arts  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Shannon   McDonald  2nd Grade Teacher  (541)883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Sharon  Cosand  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Sharon  Cosand  5th Grade Teacher  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Sharon  Henry  Spec Ed Structured/Intensive  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Shasta  Peterson  SRO- School Resource Officer    Mazama High   
Shawn   Snoozy  Supervisor   541-892-1080  Departments/
Sheena   Bergeron  EL Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Sheena  Bergeron  Speech  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Shelley   Freirich  4th Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Shelley  Rosser   4th Grade Teacher   (541)883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Shelli  Comer       Peterson Elementary   
Shelly  Zurbrugg  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Sheri  Kinnan  Registrar  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Sonia   Gonzalez  Home School Liaison Located at Henley Elementary  541-850-0912  Henley Elementary   
Spayne  Martinez  Learning Resource Center  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Stacey   Ramirez  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5050  Henley Middle   
Stacy   Johnson  3rd Grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Stacy   Wright   3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Stephanie   deVault  ELD/Intervention Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Stephanie  Harris  Special Education/Resource Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Stephanie  Hudson  Receptionist/Athletics & Risk Management Secretary  541-883-5000  Departments/
Human Resources/Employment
Stephanie  Hull  5th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Stephanie  LeRoy  Secretary    Departments/
School Board
Stephanie   LeRoy  Executive Assistant/Superintendent and Board of Directors  541-851-8767  Departments/
Steve  Johnson  Athletic Director  541-851-8768  Departments/
Safety/Risk Management
Steve  Morosin  Principal  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Steve  Prock  Principal  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Steve  Siders  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Steve  Siders  Physical Education/Health  541-883-6699 ext. 225  Falcon Heights Academy   
Steve  Walker  Automotive Shop Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Steve  Woodwick  Science Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Susan  Johnson  Speech/Language  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Suzette  Nieraeth  5thGrade Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Suzi  Lockrem  Athletic Director Secretary  541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Tamara  Cosand  Payroll Supervisor  541-851-8757  Departments/
Business Services
Tamara  Walker  6th grade teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Tamera  Mueller  4th Grade teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Tammy   Ahalt  Technology Educator  541-851-8765  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Tammy  Mattos  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tammy  Mattos  2nd Grade Teacher    Bonanza Elementary   
Tammy  Preskitt  1st Grade Teacher  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Tanna  King  High School Secretary  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Taylor   Wallace   Social Studies   541-883-5040  Henley High   
Ted  Wilton  Alternate Education Teacher  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Teri  deGroot  Evaluation Specialist/Coordinator  541-851-8773  Departments/
Special Services
Terri  Hanno  Secretary   541-783-2321  Chiloquin Jr./Sr. High   
Terri   Robinette  Office Manager  541-798-5723  Merrill Elementary   
Terri  Severson  Secretary  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Terry  Journey  Sweeper    Gilchrist School   
Terry  Trumbull  Math/Project Lead the Way/Robotics Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Theresa  Ross  Physical Education Teacher   541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Theresa  Sweigert  Secretary  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tia  Powell  Curriculum Secretary  541-851-8740   Departments/
Tifanie  Chavez  Special Education / Resource Teacher  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Tiffany   Poe  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
Tiffany  Poe  K-6 PE/Health  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Tim   Beck  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tim   Cleland  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Todd  Nickerson  Social Studies Teacher  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Todd  Pasche  Health Teacher  541-883-5025  Brixner Junior High   
Tom  Loney  Vice Principal/AD  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Tonja  Weber  2nd Grade Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Tonya  Karlowicz  Learning Facilitator  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Tori  Doddridge  Guidance Counselor  541-883-5063  Stearns Elementary   
Tosha  Nanni  3rd Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Tracey  Christensen  Head Teacher  541-353-2417  Gearhart Elementary   
Traci  Cerri  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Traci  Schmeck   Attendance Secretary    Mazama High   
Tracy  Schmiedeberg  6th Grade Teacher  541-883-5055  Keno Elementary   
Tyrann  DeVault  SPED Teacher  541-883-5060  Shasta Elementary   
Vali  Jaeger  Kindergarten Teacher  541-433-9403  Gilchrist School   
Valli  Lonner  Spanish    Bonanza Jr./Sr. High   
Vanessa   Todd   Guidance Counselor  541-883-5040  Henley High   
Vaughn  Hergenrader  Bus Driver  541-433-2295  Gilchrist School   
Vic  Lease  Vice Principal/Athletic Director  541-883-5024  Mazama High   
Vicki  Stork  Cook's Manager    Mazama High   
Victoria  Porto  1st Grade Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   
Vitalina  Malakar  Home School Liaison  541-891-8367  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Wayne  Amos  Attendance  541-883-6699  Falcon Heights Academy   
Wayne  Bollinger  Mechanic  541-883-5013  Departments/
WeDawna  Weiser-Kentta  Secretary  541-783-2338  Chiloquin Elementary   
Wendi  Carleton  Kindergarten Teacher  541-883-5038  Henley Elementary   
William  Utley  Social Worker  541-851-8762  Departments/
Teaching and Learning Support
Xochitl L.  Espinoza  Spanish and ELL Teacher  541-798-5666  Lost River Jr./Sr. High   
Zach  Witt  Physical Education Teacher  541-883-5036  Ferguson Elementary   
Zack  Witt  PE Teacher  541-883-5058  Peterson Elementary   


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