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Print Shop

The print shop staff produces almost all of the districts educational and administrative printed material requirements. Items include student worksheets and instructional materials, student handbooks, district budgets, and others.

The print shop's two employees routinely produce over one million copies per month utilizing four high-speed, high capacity copy machines. The cost per page and labor costs are a fraction of the cost of printing the same materials on slower, smaller machines in the schools. District employees take advantage of the time and costs savings by utilizing the print shop at every opportunity.

  1. Print Shop order forms (hard copy or electronic) are available from your school secretary/office.
  2. Please fill out your order form completely, as your order will be processed exactly as the order form indicates. Your order must include the actual delivery date, example: 11-2-2014, ASAP is not considered a delivery date.
  3. Copyrighted material must include a copyright release form or it will be returned.
  4. Remove staples from your masters.
  5. Masters must be 8 ˝ x 11, 8 ˝ x 14 or 11 x 17.  Copy ready on white paper.  No half or quarter sheets, nor pasted, taped or workbook pages.
  6. Please leave at least ˝ margins on all 4 sides of your master, as copy machines do not print edge to edge.
  7. Masters should be clean and legible, with black printing, as it reproduces the best.  If a good quality print can’t be made from your master it will be returned.  Remember: blue, green, red and gray inks or pencil do not reproduce well.
  8. The Print Shop does not Pad books.  They can staple all books and anything over 100 copies will be done back to back.
  9. Please do not request more than 7 orders on any one date. Exceptionally large orders should be separated into smaller orders with different delivery dates.
  10. Orders will be processed according to the date received. Order forms without instructions or instructions that are not clear will be returned.
  11. An order form received with more than one teacher’s order on it…will be produced as one order and you will receive one package.
  12. Orders received on Friday will not be completed by the following Monday.
  13. Completion of orders requires 3-5 working days and additional days for shipping to your location.
  14. Orders received on Tuesday/Thursday will be delivered the following Tuesday/Thursday. 

We hope these guidelines will improve the efficiency in serving buildings, teachers and other school personnel. Thank you for your cooperation.


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