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Klamath County School District nurses provide a wide variety of services for our students, their families and staff. They conduct annual vision screens in the elementary schools and provide health counseling in such areas as chronic illness, nutrition and disease prevention.

As a special education team member, our nurses provide health assessment, interpret medical data, help prepare plans and write health objectives of IEP's (Individual Education Plan's).

School nurses are an invaluable resource for staff, students, and parents. They are asked to evaluate and monitor communicable diseases, train staff and verify immunization compliance, and assist in referrals to community health resources.

Ginny Brollier, RN Health Services Coordinator (541) 851-8745
Carolyn Sheets, RN District Nurse (541) 591-1723
Kelly Slezak, RN District Nurse (541) 810-1522
Nichelle Cheyne, RN District Nurse (541) 591-3158
Jacqueline Mack District Nurse (541) 331-2542
Camille Krieger Health Services Secretary (541) 851-8760


For other immunization information, please refer to our Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook

Spanish Version-Manual de Responsabilidades y Derechos Del tudiante Es 

**or contact Health Services.








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