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2845 Greensprings Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: (541) 851-8760
Fax: (541) 885-3366
Contact: Camille Krieger

Special Services

SpecialServicesStaffPictureKlamath County School Districtís Special Education Services Department is responsible for identifying educationally handicapped children (birth through age 21) and providing appropriate, specially designed instruction (special education) for those students. These services are provided across the district - geographically, Oregon's largest - with an emphasis on service in the local communities.

Within each KCSD community our department provides the full spectrum of special education services including evaluation, collaborative IEP development, instructional services, transportation, and access to the general curriculum as best fits the needs of each student.  Our district also operates several specialized programs which can provide more intense support for special needs students who have greater difficulty accessing the general curriculum.  

KCSD Special Services Department includes a top-tier certified, licensed staff: speech pathologists, school psychologist, evaluation specialists, an Autism consultant, occupational therapist, nurses, and special education teachers (K-12). Together with our general education teachers, administration, support staff, and parents we build teams that plan for student success. District Special Services contacts include the following:

  Laura Blair Special Services Director (541) 851-8759
  Salli Zavala Special Services Secretary (541) 851-8760
  Stephanie Hudson Assessment Team Secretary
(541) 851-8722
fax (541)885-3366
  Nancy Denson Principal of Special Programs (541) 331-4095
  Teri deGroot Assessment Specialist/Elementary Coordinator (541) 851-8773
  Kerry Smith Assessment Specialist/Secondary Coordinator (541) 851-8772
  JoAnne Criss Assessment Specialist/Elementary Coordinator (541) 851-8723
  Robin Delong Assessment Specialist/Secondary Coordinator
(541) 851-8724
  Michele Vance ECI Coordinator/Evaluator/Private School Liaison (541) 883-5000
Ext. 8609
  Shelli Baeth Autism Consultant (541) 851-8775
  Kim Hilyard Occupational Therapist (541) 883-5000
Ext. 1201


Click the link below for a copy of the Parent Rights for Special Education booklet for (0-5) or (K-21) in English or Spanish:

         Years 0-5:      English         Spanish                                Years K-21:    English          Spanish      



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