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The members of the business office manage the business aspects of operating the District so that the rest of the District staff is free to concentrate on the main goal, providing educational opportunities to our students.  The office staff handles the accounting, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, purchasing, and reporting construction contract management functions.  The business office also prepares the annual budget and provides financial analysis of various scenarios on an as-needed basis for the District’s administrative team.
Business Office Team
Renée Ferguson Director Of Business Services 541-851-8730
Lana Loney Business Systems Support Specialist 541-851-8730
Denise Reid District Accountant 541-851-8727
Rosiland Larsen Accounts Payable/Fiscal Clerk 541-851-8728
Rachel Freeman Fiscal Clerk 541-851-2278
Tandi Meyjes Payroll Clerk 541-851-8748
Tamara Cosand Payroll Supervisor 541-851-8757
Rachel Murray Benefits Clerk 541-851-8733
Katie Elliot Payroll Clerk 541-851-8749
Nilda Pena Business Office Specialist II 541-851-8774
Fax Number Business Services/Accounts Payable/Payroll 541-883-5023

Adopted Budget 2015-2016

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2014-15

Report 2014-15

Current Budget Committee Members
Joe Aho (541) 281-1826
Donald Clark (541) 783-2746
Ray Holliday (541) 884-1923
Denise Kandra   (541) 798-5123 
John Kite (541) 884-8940
Steve Lowell (541) 884-4812
Mike Noonan  (541) 273-2242
Jill O'Donnell   (541) 883-3909  
John Rademacher (541) 891-4839
Lafe Smith (541) 545-6498

2017-2018 Budget Calendar

Committee overview and responsibilities



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