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2845 Greensprings Drive
Klamath Falls, OR 97601
Phone: 541-810-4233
Contact: Principal, Kelley Fritz

Online Elementary

Dear Parents, guardians, and students,
Thank you for your hard work, patience, and understanding as we rolled out our new online learning platform through Pearson-Connexus.  The teachers listened to your concerns from Parent-Teacher conferences and have made some changes that you will see on your child's course landing page.  These changes will allow the teachers to adjust due dates for assignments and activities that were listed on holidays and non-school days. Course work will align with the calendar adopted by the Klamath County School District.  As a result, grades will start new as it would in a regular school setting.  This means that a studentís missing work will not follow them from one grading period to the next.  Semester grades will be based on the average of all 3 marking periods for the semester.  The adjustments are not complete, but it is our goal to finish this by the end of the week.
We will continue to listen to your comments and make adjustments as necessary.  If you have any questions, please contact your teacher or call me at 541-810-4233.
Kelley Fritz, Principal
KCSD Elementary Online School

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