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Section K-L School-Community-Agency

KAB     Parental Rights 01-12-06
KAB-AR   Parental Rights
KBA   Public Records 12-14-95 01-08-09
KBA-AR   Public Records
KBCAA/GBEBE/JHCCE   News/Media - HIV, AIDS, HBV, HCV 03-29-90 08-19-04
KC   Community Involvement in Decision-Making 12-14-95
KG   Community Use of District Facilities 06-07-90 01-14-10
KG-AR   Community Use of District Facilities
KGB   Public Conduct on District Property 03-29-90 02-16-06
KGC/GBK/JFCG   Tobacco-Free Environment 07-21-05 04-21-2011
KH   Public Gifts to the District 02-15-96 02-20-97
KI/KJ   Commercial Advertising/Merchandise Sales 08-02-06
KI/KJ-AR   Commercial Advertising/Merchandise Sales
KJA   Materials Distribution 12-14-95 05-11-00
KK   Visitors to District Facilities 12-14-95
KL   Public Complaints 06-07-90 08-02-06
KLB   Challenge of Instructional Materials 04-26-90 06-13-91
KLB-AR   Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Materials
KLD   Public Complaints About School Personnel 05-23-91
KM   Relations With Community Organizations 02-11-93 04-18-96
KN   Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies 08-17-00
KN-AR(1)   Relations With Law Enforcement Agencies
KN-JHFE-AR(2)   Child Abuse Investigations Conducted On School Premises
KO   Community Education HIV, AIDS, HBV 03-29-90 03-07-02
LBE   Public Charter Schools 01-20-00 08-02-06
LBE-AR   Public Charter Schools
LGA   Compliance with Standards 08-17-95 02-19-04
LGA-AR   Public Appeals and Complaints About Alleged Violations of Standards



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