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Language Arts

Middle School English by Mrs. Fettinger:  Middle School English focuses on increased knowledge in the fields of comprehension, literacy devices, vocabulary, and fluency.   Students will learn to write papers in a variety of modes such as expository, narrative, and persuasive.  The curriculum is aligned with the Oregon State Standards. 


Eng. I  by Mrs Fettinger         English I students will read a wide variety of informational and narrative texts across subject areas, learning to apply comprehension strategies as needed.  They will focus on increasing word knowledge through systematic vocabulary development using word origins, word relationships, and context clues.    Students will pre-write, draft, revise, edit, and publish papers in different genres and learn to speak to an audience.

The curriculum is aligned with the Oregon State Standards.

 English II by Mrs. Fettinger
The Sophomore English course continues to work on skills such as spelling, vocabulary, reading, and writing.  Students in this class read and analyze various short stories and other pieces, using standard literary terms.  As part of the New Graduation Requirements they will take the State Reading test.  This class writes journals and the required samples in the expository, narrative, and persuasive modes.  The State Writing Assessment is another requirement.  Informative, persuasive, or unrehearsed speaking samples will also be presented.

English III/IV by Mrs. Fettinger
This course is now combined due to budget issues.  The regular English III curriculum is American Literature, and the usual curriculum for English IV covers the origins of British Literature and its connection to American Literature.  This year the class will start with material from the Classical Period (Greek and Roman pieces) and proceed chronologically through history.  Next year we will go back to American Literature.
In addition to the above literature, we will still work on spelling, vocabulary, and writing.  Students may have to take the State Reading and Writing Assessments, and complete writing and speaking samples for the New Graduation Requirements.

English IV/III Advanced by Mrs. Fettinger
This course spans two years and is designed to cover topics and skills that will help prepare students for college.  We employ a chronological and historical approach to literature.  At the end of the two years students will have covered from Greek and Roman Literature up to Shakespeare.  Occasionally we go beyond this to the origins of the modern novel.
Regular English skills such as writing, spelling, and vocabulary are also emphasized.  Students may work on the New Graduation Requirements if they have not been met already.  The class may spend some time on college entrance exams, admission applications, and scholarship essays.

Writing 121 By Mrs. Fettinger


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