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6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math
Ms Roseberry is teaching our 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Math classes this year.

9th Grade Math 
Mr. Telford is teaching our Integrated Alg 1...year 1. 

High School Math
Mr. Harris is teaching Integrated Algebra 1 (Year 2), Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Math 111/112 (college algebra and trigonometry, and Math 251 (Calculus)

Integrated Algebra 1 (course 1)  This class was created to help those students who did not achieve the 8th grade benchmark. By mastering the topics covered on the State Knowledge Exam for the 8th Grade Standards, the students will have a much better chance at reaching the 10th grade State Standards Exam goals. Calculators are provided and homework is turned in by the end of class. This class will be using the same text book at our Algebra 1 class. The main difference will be a slower pace. The level of difficulty and the topics will be equal to our Alegebra 1 course.

Algebra 1  Our Algebra 1 class will cover topics such as variables, equations, functions, lines, inequalities, systems, polynomials, factoring, quadratics, statistics and probability. Emphasis will be put on the Oregon Math Standards in preparation for their Mathematics Knowledge State Exam.

Each student will need a scientific calculator (like the TI-30). The students should expect to have about 40 minutes of homework each day, with some class time given to get a start on each assignment. Algebra 1 is a pre-requisite for Geometry and Algebra 2. "


A focus on the State Standards will be part of this class. Students will need a ruler and protractor at home to do homework and a scientific calculator (TI-30) as well.

Algebra 2

Now that our students must earn 3 years of mathematics credits to graduate starting with Algebra 1, our Algebra 2 class has become required for most students. This class is similar to Algebra 1 but the difficulty level is higher and there is more new

Advanced Math/ Math 111 (College Algebra) & Math 112 (Trigonometry)

This class is taught as a college prep. elective to prepare students who plan to go into the techical, scientific, or engineering fields. The goal of the class is to prepare the students for earning credit in a college setting. Offered as part of this class is College Credit from KCC. The student who earn an A or a B will receive 5 college credits for Math 111 and 4 college credits for Math 112. These 9 credits are transferable to any college or university. This program called "Dual Credit" because they also still earn their Advanced Math credits in high school, is free for our students. 


Week 1-3:     Linear relations and functions, Composition, graphing, inequalities, distance, slope, slope/intercept, point/slope, standard form, and parallel lines.

Week 4-7:      Solving systems of equations and inequalities, matrices, linear prog. And use of graphing calculators.

Week 8-10:    Nature of graphs, symmetry, radicals, inverse functions, asymptotes, critical Points, tangents to a curve, and a little on continuity.

Week 11-14:  Polynomial functions, quadratic equations & inequalities, Remainder and Factor Theorem, Rational Root Theorem, zeros, radical equations, and Radical inequalities.

Week 15-18:  Trigonometric functions, angles, central arcs, special trig angles, right Triangles, Law of Sins, and Law of Cosines, and area of any triangle.

Week 16-19:   Graphs of the six trig. Functions, amplitude, period, shift, graphing of Inverse trig. Functions.

Week 20-23:   Trigonometric Identities and equations(long). Solving trig. Equations, And verifying using the identities.

Week 24-26:   Vectors and parametric equations, Geometric & Algebraic, 3D, Using Vectors in applications, and operations with vectors.

Week 27-30:   (If time) Polar Coordinates and complex numbers. Graphs, change forms, And simplifying complex numbers.

Week 31:         Intro to Conics (maybe)

Week 32:         Exponential and logarithmic functions, e. (little)

Week 33:         Sequences and Series. Arithmetic and Geometric, infinite, sigma notation, Convergent and divergent series (if time permits)


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